We vote because we want to shape our communities. Every dollar spent locally is a vote for your community to succeed and Vernon needs YOUR vote!

    #VoteVernon is a campaign to bring awareness to the importance of supporting local and providing resources to connect business with consumers. 

    Can Vernon count on your vote?






    1. Your Money Gets Recirculated 

    * Sales tax goes towards community infrastructure, police and fire protection, culture, and recreational programs

    * Local businesses have the ability to support non-profits or donate fundraising prizes for schools, sports groups and health care.

    * Local businesses are more likely to shop with other local businesses. Research shows that for every dollar spent at a local business, 63 per cent is reinvested locally.





    2. More Money for Non-Profits

    * Non-profits provide vital community services and create employment, and they depend on local businesses for donated funds to help with programs and operating costs.

    * Schools, sports teams, seniors groups and cultural organizations receive donated items from businesses for auctions, raffles and special projects.

    * How can you expect area businesses to support your ask if you don’t support them? 





    3. Creates Local Jobs

    * Supporting local business means you’re helping to secure jobs and opportunities for your neighbours and children. 

    * Local businesses provide some of the most stable employment opportunities in the community and these employees spend in the local economy. 

    * Locally owned businesses provide inspiration to our young people, proving that they can live here and pursue their dreams.





    4. Reduces Environmental Harm

    * Shopping in Vernon means no need for long drives. You are not burning fuel and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

    * Local businesses make more local purchases requiring less transportation.

    * There is less packaging involved.







    5. Customer Service is Better

    * Vernon business owners and their staff are informed about their products and are available for questions and support.

    * Local business owners and employees get to know their customers.

    * Local businesses are generally owned or operated by people who live here and are invested in our community.


    6. Promotes a Diverse and Unique Community

    * Local shops create distinctive shopping experiences and respond quickly to the needs of customers.

    * Local business owners often sell local products, which creates a vibrant community and creates jobs.

    * Our community has dozens of small and medium-sized businesses that have been here for years, and many who are establishing new roots.