• President’s Message

  • I am honored to be taking on the role of president for the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce.   To the chamber board, thank you for placing your trust and that of the membership in me, and thank you for the opportunity to serve our members. This past year, I was privileged to be a part of the governance committee to establish the revised set of bylaws and policies that will better guide and direct the board, and ultimately serve our membership. 

    To the chamber staff, Dione, thank you for your tireless efforts this past year to drive the chamber to evolve into the well oiled machine it has become.  And thank you Dan for all of the good work you do for our members. I would also like to recognize the terrific work that the chamber board and staff have done in implementing our strategic goals.  A key focus over the coming year will be to revisit our strategic plan and set some new targets for the coming years.

    To our members, I look forward to serving you in my new role, growing the value you receive from being part of the Chamber, and continuing to earn your investment in our chamber.  I believe that people, strong working relationships and learning from others are key to successful change and are critical to the chamber’s ability to successfully advocate on behalf of its’ members.  To that end, I see opportunity for the Greater Vernon Chamber to further expand and forge new relationships and partnerships with community and business leaders, neighbouring chambers, legislators and municipal leaders.  

    As a strong voice for our membership and as president, I am dedicated to advocating on behalf of our membership. The chamber will continue to expand our efforts to drive changes in policy, represent our membership at the B.C. Chamber, and take an active role in the interests of our business community.

    Lastly, I would like to acknowledge and thank the chamber board and staff for their dedication and diligent efforts.  I am in the fortunate position as incoming president, of being able to build on all that hard work and momentum. Over the coming year I hope to bring the same adherence to the values and strategic priorities of the chamber, and strength in leadership that Markus, the past-president has afforded the chamber. Lastly, thanks to our membership for your support of our efforts in the promotion and protection of the interests of the Greater Vernon business community.




    Diana Wilson
    Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce