• Vote Vernon and rally behind local this Christmas

    VERNON – With Christmas shopping well underway, the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce is encouraging residents to make local a priority, including when they purchase online.

    Vote Vernon Presented by VantageOne Credit Union is an initiative that promotes Greater Vernon businesses, whether it is in-person, by delivery or via the Internet. Check it out at https://www.vernonchamber.ca/vote-vernon

    “A lot of focus gets put on voting in elections and we vote because we want to shape our communities. But what if I told you that you have an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in your community by voting every day?” said Dan Proulx, Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce general manager.

    “Every dollar you spend in Vernon is a vote for this community to succeed. Vernon needs your vote. When you vote for Vernon, amazing things happen. It’s a vote for that money to be recirculated through Vernon. That’s more money to fund local non-profits or the local tax base, which is used to keep Vernon beautiful by upgrading roads and maintaining parks. It can be used for a new cultural centre or for a recreational facility.

    Supporting local businesses also means increased employment for residents, while the environment benefits as there is reduced packaging and emissions from shipping.

    “I can think of reasons from A to Z to Vote V and it comes down to embracing the uniqueness of this community. Money spent locally creates choice and promotes competition and diversity,” said Proulx.

    “Vote for your friends, your neighbours and your community. It really does make a difference and it feels good to watch your hometown success. So we want to know, can we count on your vote?”

    Local businesses that provide online shopping will be highlighted at vernonchamber.ca/vote-vernon and the webpage also provides further information to assist residents in making informed, local shopping decisions.

    Local businesses that want their online service added to the Vote Vernon webpage can contact info@vernonchamber.ca or 250-545-0771.
    Dan Proulx, General Manager   
    Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce
    P: 250-545-0771              E: manager@vernonchamber.ca