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    About Us

    Geo Earth Mapping, since 2004, provides cost-effective, eye-pleasing, innovative mapping solutions to businesses, government sectors and non-profit organizations and also offers services in graphic design.

    Geo Earth Mapping believes in providing customers with affordable, presentational quality maps, with attention to detail and accuracy, customized to the client's needs, delivered in a timely manner, with follow up service.

    Your One-Stop Shop for GIS / Mapping Services including:

    •Custom Topographical maps showing your area of interest with elevation profiles.

    • Interactive Story Maps and customized Geo Apps.

    •3D Model design and creation.

    •CAD (DWG or DGN) to ArcGIS spatial transformations.

    •GIS Analysis.
    •File conversions to georeferenced PDF maps, shp or gdb (ArcGIS), 3D kml (Google Earth), GPX (for Garmin GPS and other mobile devices), excel and graphic formats for publishing.

    •Geo-referenced data for tenure license application submissions.

    •Thematic Maps for publications including street index grids with follow-up service and regular updates.