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    You have back and joint pain plus other ongoing aches and pains elsewhere….. Other therapies only seem to work temporarily….. You’ve been told surgery is the only option or you just have to live with it….. Feeling frustrated and depressed….. Afraid to exercise incase it gets worse….. You believe that you’ve “tried everything” and nothing has helped yet…..

    We are confident that Therapeutic or Clinical Pilates is the best way to discover life without pain and injury. We are constantly hearing our clients say: “I wish I would have come to you years ago”.

    Our approach is simple. We observe your posture, as well as how you walk, sit and move around. There is great information hidden within these common tasks, telling us what muscles are tight, which ones are weak, where your body is overworking and what parts are simply not doing their job.

    You will then learn how to move differently, sit properly and line up your bones they way they should be – tension free. As your body begins functioning as a whole, with spine, arms, legs and feet all working equally, an amazing thing happens – pain often subsides – even when there is an underlying condition such as a herniated disc or a degenerating joint.

    We are confident in treating issues related to muscles, connective tissue, bones, nerves and joints.

    Looking for individual pilates sessions in our private pilates room. Escape to your private space while receiving individualized attention. Your sessions may also include consults for food sensitivities, hormone and thyroid wellness, pelvic floor/incontinence, physiotherapy integrations, injury rehab, meal plans and strength training with Marie Hayden of Hayden Fitness.

    If you are someone completely new to Pilates, typically we have to have several private sessions with you first so that you can learn and build a reliable foundation.

    Those experienced with Pilates Reformer machines can get right in to our small group classes of 3-4.