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  • General Manager

    The Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce (GVCC) is seeking a dynamic and experienced leader to join our team as General Manager (GM).  Reporting to the Board of Directors, the GM drives the strategic objectives and manages the day to day operations of the GVCC.  The GM acts as a community leader and in the best interests of the Chamber members, engages with the local municipalities as well as other Chambers throughout the Chamber network, in particular, the BC Chamber.

    Responsibilities include management of staff and budgets, media relations, marketing, and public speaking.  The ideal candidate will possess a strong understanding of the Chamber network and government relations, and demonstrate exceptional communication and relationship building skills.

    Qualifications and Experience

    • 5+ years’ in a senior leadership position with a focus on business;
    • Relevant post-secondary degree or equivalent combination of education and experience;
    • Financial management including P&L, budget creation and monitoring;
    • People management skills such as recruitment, training, performance management, etc.;
    • Work with non-profit boards providing leadership in strategic planning and policy development;
    • Knowledge and understanding of the role of businesses in the local economy;
    • Proven ability in media relations, marketing, public speaking and presentations;
    • Proactive approaches to membership participation, retention and recruitment;
    • Exceptional communication and relationship building skills;
    • Ability to act as a community leader;
    • Solid understanding of all levels of government (particularly local government level);
    • Ability to work independently with strong organizational and time management skills;
    • Capable of carrying out multi-faceted marketing campaigns;
    • Entrepreneurial spirit with a focus on service and collaboration;
    • Understanding of the Chamber network is considered an asset.


    Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce

    We are passionate about where we live and work, and are dedicated to ensuring the North Okanagan will become the most economically prosperous region - and the most desirable place to live and work - in Canada! 

    The GVCC has been an advocate for its members and the business community in the North Okanagan for 120 years, with members in the City of Vernon, the District of Coldstream and in the Regional District of North Okanagan.  The prime focus of the organization is to enhance the economic well-being of its members and the communities it serves.  Fore more information, visit www.vernonchamber.ca.

    About the Community

    Vernon is the commercial hub of the North Okanagan, found nestled in the grassland hills and surrounded by three lakes.  Vernon provides an eclectic community for families to enjoy through active participation in sports, recreation and cultural activities. For more information, visit www.vernon.ca.

    Forward resume with cover letter to:

    Dauna Kennedy Grant, President

    Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce


    Or drop off in sealed envelope at the Chamber office:

    2901 32nd Street Vernon BC V1T 5M2

    Attn: Dauna Kennedy Grant, President

    Posting Closes:  Friday May 12, 2017 – 4pm

    Please include your salary expectations.



    General Manager


    The General Manager is fully responsible and accountable to the Chamber’s Board of Directors (the “Board”) for all operations of the Chamber, and for operating within Board approved Chamber strategies, policies, communication/marketing directions, business/financial, human resources, planning, asset management and budgetary plans.

    The Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce has a “governance board” whereby the Board is accountable to the membership and is responsible for all policies, procedures and strategic direction. The GM is responsible for all operations and is accountable to the Board. The Board, comprising 14 individuals elected by the membership, is responsible to the membership.

    The Board Policy Manual describes the Terms of Reference for the General Managers Position as:



    • The GM is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Chamber’s policies and to manage the operations of the Chamber within the guidelines of the strategic plan and policies set by the board. The GM is accountable to the board for the achievement of the strategic goals and stated performance results of the Chamber.
    • It is also the responsibility of the GM to provide the board with necessary information required for decision-making and policy development.


    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Report to the board of directors and maintain open communication with the board and keep the board informed of all significant matters.
    • With the President of the Chamber, enable the board to fulfill its governance function.
    • Manage and control the operation of the Chamber on a day-to-day basis in accordance with the plans, policies and parameters approved by the board.
    • Provide direction and leadership toward the implementation and achievement of the Chamber’s strategic plan.
    • Work with the Finance Committee to develop and recommend the annual budget for board approval and prudently manage the Association’s resources within those budget guidelines.
    • Fulfill the strategic plan and bring any recommendations or revisions to the board.
    • Oversee the design, marketing, promotion, delivery and quality of programs, products and services.
    • Manage the human resources of the Chamber.
    • Ensure the Chamber and its mission, programs, products and services are consistently presented in a strong, positive light to members.
    • Identify the principal risks facing the Chamber and implement appropriate systems to manage the risks.
    • In concert with the President, ensure that the board of directors is represented at political functions and meetings. 
    • Develop a communications plan for members and external contacts.   


    Other Considerations

    • The General Manager may not cause or allow conditions that are unfair or undignified for paid or volunteer staff.
    • The General Manager shall not cause or allow conditions, procedures, or decisions that are unsafe, undignified, unnecessarily intrusive, or that fail to provide appropriate confidentiality or privacy regarding members and membership information.
    • The General Manager shall not cause or allow any practice, activity or decision that is either unlawful, imprudent, or in violation of commonly accepted business and professional ethics or regulations of regulatory bodies for paid or volunteer staff.
    • The General Manager shall not enter into any contract arrangements that violate the Chamber’s By-Laws.
    • The General Manager shall not withhold or delay information that the board of directors requires to make informed decisions.
    • The General Manager shall not cause or allow fiscal jeopardy or harm the public image with respect to employment, compensation and benefits to employees, consultants, contract workers and volunteers.
    • The General Manager shall not allow the assets to be unprotected, inadequately maintained, or unnecessarily risked.


    Accountability of the General Manager

    • The General Manager is the board of directors’ only link to operational achievement and conduct, so that all authority and accountability of staff, as far as the board is concerned, is considered the authority of the General Manager.
    • The Board of Directors will hold the General Manager accountable for the execution of the strategic plan.
    • The board of directors will view the General Manager’s performance as identical to the Chamber’s performance so that successful accomplishment of the board’s strategic plan and compliance to the board’s policies will be viewed as successful General Manager’s performance.
    • The GM shall not make a single purchase or commitment greater than $3,000.00 for a budgeted item or $1,000.00 for an unbudgeted item without a second signature by any signing authority. In addition, all payment for remuneration or expense reimbursement to staff including the General Manager requires a second signature by any signing authority.
    • The GM shall not make a single purchase or commitment greater than $3,000.00 for an unbudgeted item without board approval.
    • The General Manager shall not acquire, encumber, or dispose of real property.


    Monitoring General Manager Performance

    • Systematic monitoring of the General Manager’s job performance will be solely against the expected General Manager outputs; the Chamber’s accomplishment of the strategic plan (results) and operation within the boundaries established in board policies.
    • Monitoring is simply to determine the degree to which board policies are being met. Data that does not contribute to this objective will not be considered to be monitoring data.
    • The board of directors will acquire monitoring data by one or more of three methods:
      1. By internal report, in which the General Manager discloses compliance information to the board;
      2. By external report, in which an external, disinterested third party selected by the board assesses compliance with board policies; and
      3. By direct board inspection, in which a designated member or members of the board assess compliance with the appropriate policy criteria.


    Education/Experience Required

    Bachelor’s degree in business administration or related field, and a minimum of five years of progressively more responsible program development and execution, managerial, supervisory, and financial control experience in the business sector, and / or not-for-profit sector with a demonstrated and in-depth working knowledge of member services, funding sources, fee for service programs, community relations, Board relations, and access to community resources is required. The preceding qualifications are guidelines. Other combinations of education and experience could provide the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to perform this job.


    Key Competencies

    The following key competencies, while not exhaustive, are vital to this role:

    1. Leadership – A confident, results-oriented, inspiring and collaborative leader with an ability to develop a shared vision and strategy amongst the Board, staff and stakeholders. A leader who can bring together divergent views and perspectives around an issue that results in effective policy and advocacy efforts, and can inspire and motivate a team to be innovative in its pursuit and achievement of strategic, membership, operational and financial objectives;
    2. Business and financial management – Has strong business, financial, and organizational acumen. Understands resource utilization and believes strongly in performance management and the development of a corporate culture in which people are held accountable for delivering on performance objectives;
    3. Communication – An articulate, engaging, and eloquent verbal and written communicator who is comfortable and inspiring as the face of the Chamber. A confident and engaging public speaker who can adjust their style to fit the audience. A highly effective listener who engages with their audience to ensure that the message delivered is the one received;
    4. Vision – A visionary who can chart a course that ensures the Chamber continues to be highly regarded locally, provincially, and nationally while continuing to deliver a strong value proposition to its members, including effective representation of its members’ interests to government and media.
    5. Relationship skills – Is able to establish and maintain positive and effective working relationships with a broad range of members and stakeholders. Has an engaging, approachable, diplomatic, and collaborative style and is comfortable in any setting.