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Tuesday, 25 Nov 2014

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Thursday, 03 October 2013 08:14

Small Business Week

Written by Dan Rogers Published in Press Releases

Monday, 19 August 2013 15:06

New By-Laws Proposed for 2013

Written by Dan Rogers Published in Press Releases

 The Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce is planning to change the by-laws at the next Annual General Meeting at the Laker's Clubhouse  on Sept 26. To see a copy of the old by-laws, view here. To see the new propsed by-laws, view here.


The new by-laws are model by-laws that bring the chamber into compliance with the Board of Trade Act.

Thursday, 01 August 2013 15:35

BC Chamber says Core Review promises “substantive” gains

Written by Dan Rogers Published in Press Releases


BC Chamber says Core Review promises “substantive” gains



Vancouver, July 31, 2013 – The BC Chamber of Commerce commends the B.C. government for advancing plans for a Core Review, which targets greater efficiency and accountability in government’s use of taxpayers’ dollars.

“We think a Core Review with this mandate and scope promises substantive gains for B.C.’s taxpayers,” said John Winter, the BC Chamber’s president and CEO. “This initiative is great news for British Columbians and aligns directly with what our 36,000 represented B.C. businesses have been calling for.”

Winter said that some of the best news coming out of the government’s just-released terms of reference for the Core Review includes:
•    the broad scope of the initiative, which includes B.C. ministries, boards, commissions, Crown agencies, schools, universities, colleges and hospitals; and
•    an emphasis on finding alternative, more cost-efficient service delivery models.

“We’re very pleased to see that the government is truly trying to put its house in order, including tackling areas of public concern such as B.C.’s Crown corporations,” Winter said. “We also commend the government for emphasizing alternate service delivery models, which could bring private-sector efficiency to some government operations.”

The BC Chamber also applauded the B.C. government’s plans to refine the ideas that emerge from the Core Review through consultations with industry and other stakeholders.

“All in all, we’re extremely pleased to see how this initiative is advancing and we look forward to helping find private-sector solutions to some of B.C.’s challenges,” Winter said.

The BC Chamber is the largest and most broadly-based business organization in the province.  Representing more than 125 Chambers of Commerce and 36,000 businesses of every size, sector and region of the province, the BC Chamber of Commerce is “The Voice of Business in BC.”

- 30 -

For further details, please contact:

John Winter
President & CEO
BC Chamber of Commerce
T 604.638.8110
C 604.376.3577

Jenny MacPhee
Communications Officer
BC Chamber of Commerce
T 604.638.8114
C 604.366.4990

Wednesday, 31 July 2013 16:04

Chamber Policy Recommendation: Regional Branding Strategy

Written by Dan Rogers Published in Blog Posts

Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce policy on a regional branding strategy


Currently, Greater Vernon lacks a strong brand. An effective brand must:

  • have the support of the community;
  • differentiate the region from other regions;
  • capitalise on the region’s strengths; and
  • target appropriate economic development opportunities.

Greater Vernon has a strong basis for a brand themed on Greater Vernon’s health, wellness and lifestyle strengths. Unlike any other community in Canada, we have:

  • an active population with genuine year-round access to excellent and varied outdoor recreation, including hiking, road and mountain biking, beaches, lakes, fishing, world-class golf courses, snowmobiling, abundant playing fields for many sports, world-class Nordic skiing facilities and a tremendous ski hill;
  • a growing core of complimentary alternative health services including massage therapy, integrative medical services, chiropractors, acupuncture therapy, Tai Chi and yoga organisations, and a highly popular national icon health spa accommodation facility;
  • one of only two accredited massage therapy educational programs in B.C.;
  • local agricultural production of healthy fresh products; and
  • a regional growth strategy that includes the concepts of compact and complete cities that support active transportation.


These existing strengths, coupled with strong branding of those strengths, position our community to seize certain opportunities and mitigate existing weaknesses, including:

  • attracting an educated demographic to live and remain in the area, thus providing a talented and stable workforce;
  • attracting businesses to the area which rely on human talent, rather than industry, and so mitigating concerns over a lack of suitable industrial land and building;
  • attracting further businesses which operate in the health and wellness field;
  • encouraging affluent tourism; and
  • attracting retirees, with their pension income, to live in the region.

The Chamber Recommends,

That the local governments of Greater Vernon actively research the benefits of and community support for a branding concept based on Greater Vernon’s health, wellness and lifestyle strengths.

Davison Orchards

80th Anniversary Pie Celebration, SATURDAY , May 18th

The Davison family is celebrating their 80th anniversary of farming in Vernon.

They have been looking back over the years and the many changes to Vernon and their farm since 1933.

Then: Milk was .42 a gallon, now it is $4.56

Then the average house price was $5759, now it is $353,000

Then the most popular apple variety was Macintosh, now it is Honeycrisp

Then the population of Greater Vernon was 3937 (1934) now it is over 58,500

Then the Davison family farmed 34 acres, now we farm 120 acres

Then we sold our apples to the packing house, now we sell directly to our customers.

Then Tom and May Davison farmed alone and were new immigrants to Canada, Now, there are three generations working and farming together including grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and grandkids.

On Saturday, May 18th the Davison family is hosting an anniversary celebration at their farm. They will be sharing lots of photos and stories from the past to the present, as well as giving away a family Seasons Pass to one lucky family. Anyone 80 years or older be honored with free ice cream and a free Johnny Popper ride on Saturday. “We asked our customers on Facebook for some ideas on how we should celebrate our anniversary. They said, “free apple pie” so that is what we are going to do”, reports Laura Shaw, head baker and fourth generation Davison. “We have decided to serve it up in style and are baking one massive apple pie, big enough to serve a crowd!” The pie is 80 inches around and Laura is confident that this one pie will feed 80 people. “It’s our version of an anniversary cake”, Laura says, “but we figured go big or go home!” The pie will be cut at 2pm and will be first come first serve.  

May 18th also marks the first day of the “Great Pie Giveaway”, the Davisons have decided to keep up the free pie theme and will be giving away one free (regular sized) Deep Dish Apple pie each and every day for 80 days from May 18th to August 4th.   There will be a different way to win each day so watch the Davison Orchards Facebook and Twitter for daily updates.

“We want to thank Vernon for helping us keep farming through all the changes that have happened over the last 80 year, we couldn’t do it without our customers” says Tamra Davison, marketing director. “We are looking forward eating pie and celebrating together!”

The pie cutting as well as the Seasons Pass giveaway will begin at 2pm in front of the country market at Davison Orchards, Saturday, May 18th Call 250-549-3266 for more information.

Source:Vernon Population: Vernon Museum Archives, Barbara Ball

Average house price:

Monday, 08 April 2013 11:15

Mayor's April Update

Written by Dan Rogers Published in Press Releases
Tuesday, 19 March 2013 09:25

Caroline Radics - Sterling Mutuals Has Relocated

Written by Torrie Silverthorn Published in Press Releases

Caroline Radics of Sterling Mutuals Has Relocated!


Due to continued business growth over the last few years Caroline Radics is excited to announce her relocation. The new bright and spacious office will allow better service of existing clientele and continue to accommodate future growth challenges.


Please make note of the new address:

Suite 200

3006 32nd Avenue

Vernon, BC V1T 2L7


All phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same. To contact the office (located across from the Vernon Museum and Archives) please call our toll free number at 1-877-244-0255 or email Caroline directly at">


Caroline Radics is an insurance and investment fund advisor dedicated to help both business and families with good sound advice and support.


Caroline is thankful for the fabulous support of the community and would like to welcome you to her open house on Thursday April 4th from 4 to 6pm.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013 13:33

Hire A Veteran - Message from Colin Mayes, MP Okanagan Shuswap

Written by Dan Rogers Published in Blog Posts

In support of the new Hire a Veteran initiative, I am writing to ask for your help and support to identify one business in our constituency willing to give priority hiring status to Veterans.


Each year, between 4,000 and 5,000 Canadian Armed Forces members leave the military at an average age of 37. By working with private and public sector organizations, our Government is seeking to enhance opportunities for transitioning Veterans to join the civilian workforce.


The following traits highlight why Canadian Veterans are a valuable part of the labour force:


  1. 1.Leading by example, Veterans are world-class leaders. They manage well and secure results with the highest level of integrity.
  2. 2.Working in teams, Veterans recognize that teamwork grows out of responsibility to your peers.
  3. 3.Performing under pressure, Veterans are effective with tight schedules and limited resources.
  4. 4.Veterans have a quick learning curve, and can rapidly learn new concepts and transferable skills.
  5. 5.Technologically and globally minded, Veterans are aware of international and technical trends.
  6. 6.Veterans display diversity in action, by working with people of all backgrounds. They do not discriminate by race, gender, ethnicity, religion or mental and physical ability.
  7. 7.Conscious of health and safety standards, Veterans know the importance of rule systems and following established protocols.
  8. 8.Overcoming adversity, Veterans beat the odds. Veterans have been in challenging situations and may have overcome a disability.


We would like for the organization offering priority hiring status to equally qualified Veterans to be willing to inform Veterans Affairs of the number of job openings they expect during this year, if possible. These job openings would then be widely circulated to Veterans. I appreciate your support of this initiative to secure corporate partners who have an interest in supporting our veterans` transition to civilian life through the Hire a Veteran program.


Colin Mayes, MP

Wednesday, 27 February 2013 13:47

Teresa Deak Launches Gratitude Tarot App

Written by Dan Rogers Published in Blog Posts

Press Release February 27, 2013

(link to pdf document)

Teresa Deak, creator of the Gratitude Tarot deck, launches the Gratitude Tarot App

Android and iOS users now have Anytime, Anyplace access to the Gratitude Tarot Deck via the Gratitude Tarot App

Local Vernon photographer and writer, Teresa Deak, creator of the innovative Gratitude Tarot deck, has launched the Gratitude Tarot App. The Gratitude Tarot App is available on both iOS and Android platforms, and offers users an opportunity to experience the beauty and wisdom of the Tarot deck on their mobile devices.

The app features the 79 stunning cards, using Mrs. Deak's beautiful and original photographs of nature, each with a short interpretation and a heart-opening poetic exploration written in Mrs. Deak’s unique style— beautiful brush strokes of words.

Features include five custom designed spreads, a personal journal where users can save, revisit and edit their readings, free-form spread layout options, and audio tracks featuring Mrs. Deak’s live reading of each poem.

The app is currently available in Google Play Store, and will soon be available in the Apple App Store. The Gratitude Tarot App was created in collaboration with developer David Wong, currently of Nova Scotia, formerly of Ottawa. David created the Tarot app software with the objective to collaborate with Tarot deck creators to deliver Tarot apps for the Android and iOS platforms. The Gratitude Tarot app is the second available collaboration after the Tarot Lovers app released in 2012. The two met in a Tarot group on Facebook last fall, and collaborated via email throughout the project.

Discussing the project, Mrs. Deak said "It was vital to me that the app be beautiful. The entire Gratitude Tarot experience is meant to guide the seeker towards their inner knowing through the intimate doorway of beauty. David was able to take my creative vision, keep it beautiful and still make it work on both platforms.

Bringing the Gratitude Tarot to mobile devices makes it possible for seekers to have this unique Tarot experience wherever they are. It gives them the chance to dig deep into the elements of Thankfulness, Awareness, Community and Kindness to experience the spark of connection and deep flow of Gratitude I feel through my photos. "

More information on The Gratitude Tarot App is available at or from">


Tweet this:

Beauty and Wisdom To Go: The #Gratitude #Tarot is an App! #iOS #Android via @picsiechick


About Hands On Gratitude: Hands On Gratitude is the home of Teresa Deak's Gratitude Deck and App. Through Hands on Gratitude; Mrs. Deak spreads the positive messages of gratitude and butterfly energy to those who need it most.

About Teresa Deak: Teresa Deak currently resides in Vernon, British Columbia with her husband, John Deak and 4 fur kids. She is an accomplished writer, photographer, poet and Tarot enthusiast who is passionate about the power of gratitude and butterflies and their ability to transform the world we live in. As Butterfly Oracle and See-er of Beauty in all things and small things, Mrs. Deak believes beauty and an open, grateful heart can transform our lives into peace and joy. The Gratitude Tarot, and the new Gratitude Tarot mobile app provide seekers additional vehicles to access their inner knowing—through beauty and brush strokes of words. Mrs. Deak also offers connection and healing through energy clearing, readings and butterfly energy.


Image Caption (supplied as landscape and portrait): Teresa Deak, Butterfly Oracle and creator of the Gratitude Tarot, now available as a mobile app.

You can have your Hands on Gratitude wherever you are.

The Gratitude Tarot App gives you Beauty and Wisdom To Go.



Teresa Deak">

phone 250.307.0622

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